Green Valley Dairy Recognized for Achievement in Renewable Energy

Practices at Green Valley Dairy debunk the myth that dairies are voracious consumers of resources with no regard for consequences.


Petersen Dairy Farm Earns National Sustainability Recognition

A Wisconsin "on the urban edge" dairy farm has earned national kudos for its sustainability practices.


Ag Land Helps Combat Global Warming

A study shows that the conversion of any land to agricultural use results in cooling, while conversion from agricultural use generally results in warming.


What is a GMO?

To take part in the growing conversation, let's find out what a GMO is, and why it is used.


Feeding the World Sustainably With Precision Ag Tools

Technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS), satellite imagery and global positioning systems (GPS) help farmers feed an ever-growing population.


Cycling Through Wisconsin's Green Countryside

Dairy farms help preserve our green landscape and open spaces for Wisconsin residents and visitors.


Dairy's Carbon Footprint = Two Percent

Dairy farmers are using innovative management practices to sustain our natural resources and reduce dairy's carbon footprint.


Dairy Farmers are Also Award-Winning Conservationists

Sustainable farm management practices help farms and farmers flourish the land for generations to come.