Chapter 15: Mooving On

Jetta is sold and now working hard for another dairy farmer.



Chapter 14: Fourth Time's the Charm

Jetta is pregnant and due in January.



Chapter 13: Jetta's First Lactation

The big goal now is to get Jetta bred back.



Chapter 12: Expert Evaluates Jetta's Looks

Jetta, along with her milking herdmates, received a "beauty score" as a means to better understand her conformation strengths and weaknesses.



Chapter 11: Jetta, the Milking Cow

Jetta reached "adulthood" and has become a productive member of her farm family's dairy herd.



Chapter 10: Jetta, the Cow

It's a girl! Jetta calved on August 10 and is now officially a cow. Let's see how her life has changed.



Chapter 9: Jetta is "Uddering Up"

Jetta is now seven months pregnant and beginning to show as her calf grows.



Chapter 8: Jetta's Going to be a Mom

Now a mature heifer, Jetta has been successfully bred; now owners will focus on maintaining her health until she reaches motherhood in early August.


Chapter 7: Jetta is a Happy, Maturing Heifer

Jetta's small stature kept her out of the show ring this year, but her owners are pleased that she's a strong, healthy heifer.


Chapter 6: What's Jetta Eating Now?

Almost ten months old, Jetta receives a balanced diet formulated specifically for good health and efficient growth.


Chapter 5: Big Changes for Little Jetta

They grow up so nearly five months old, Jetta takes on a new look and a new home.


Chapter 4: As Jetta Grows

At three months of age, Jetta gets weaned from milk and receives her first vaccination.


Chapter 3: Jetta is Her Name

At one month—our baby calf gets a name; learn about her first few days.


Chapter 2: She's here! But she still needs a name.

A healthy newborn calf arrived on Friday, July 30, 2010, at 9:17 a.m. Will she be named Buttercup, Sweet Pea, Bella, Lily or Jetta?


Chapter 1: Name Our Calf

In July 2010, we introduced a Brown Swiss cow that was due the end of the month and asked our viewers to help pick a name for the new calf.