Meet the 7 Wonders of Wisconsin

You may wonder why some farmers raise brown cows and some black-and-white cows, or why it matters. You don’t have to wonder any longer! 


Meet a Red & White

Red & Whites may have a complicated history, but today, many dairy farmers specifically select for their beautiful red hair color.


Meet a Milking Shorthorn

When you see a big strong cow with a rich red color, chances are she's a Milking Shorthorn.


Meet a Jersey

Jersey's are known for their small size and for producing the most nutrient-dense milk of all the breeds. Discover why Jersey's milk packs quite a punch.


Meet a Holstein

When most people think "cow," they picture a Holstein, because they produce more milk than any other breed. Find out more about these black and white beauties.


Meet a Guernsey

Guernsey's are known for their milk and the distinct golden hue. Learn more about these golden gals and their deep roots in dairy.


Meet a Brown Swiss

Brown Swiss cows, typically silvery gray to brown in color, are known for yielding large volumes of milk, high in butterfat and protein. Learn more about these beautiful brown bovines.


Meet an Ayrshire

Ayrshires originated from Ayr, Scotland, but have made deep roots here in the United States since 1822. See what makes the Ayrshire breed so unique.


Time For Some Rest and Relaxation

Wisconsin farmers give cows some time off. A quality dry (rest) period is needed for better cow health, calf health and future milk performance.


You Can’t Tip Our Cows

Contrary to popular opinion, research has proven that cows can’t be tipped, and research informs the decisions our dairy farmers make about cow care.


Milk Quality

Dairy farmers work hard to secure quality milk- consistency and attention to detail can generate award-winning results in Wisconsin.


Why do Cows Wear Earrings?

Farmers call these earrings ID tags or ear tags. Used to identify each animal, tags help farmers keep accurate records for different feed programs, types of medical issues, veterinary visits, calving records, family history and production levels.


Pedicures Aren't Just For Kicks

Dairy science has proven that proper care of hooves is key to health and longevity.


Dairy Calves Need Nurturing Human Hands

The crucial first few hours of a new born calf's life depends on nurturing by human hands.


Wisconsin Boasts 3 Breed-Leading Cows

Three Wisconsin cows are at the top of their classes for milk production. It's a sign that we are doing things well here in America's Dairyland.


A Real Treasure

Many Wisconsin farmers know the family history of each cow in their herd.


Why the Big Deal?

New numbers released by the University of Wisconsin-Extension and the University of Wisconsin-Madison reveal just how big a deal dairy cows are to Wisconsin.


Cows don’t take a day off…not even Christmas

Wisconsin dairy cows and farmers are working hard this holiday season to give us many blessings.