The Tale of Tails: Caring for Consumers and Cows

As tail docking becomes less common, it's important to recognize that dairy producers across Wisconsin are committed to quality – Quality products for consumers and quality care for their cows. 


Every Barn is a Home

No matter the building or breed, every barn is truly a home because of the care of Wisconsin dairy farmers. Let's open the barn doors, and meet three beautiful bovines to share their stories.


How to Carry 330 Cows in Your Pocket

New technologies help Wisconsin dairy farmers provide the best care to their cows, so their cows can produce the best milk for you.


AI: An Intelligent Way to Improve Safety, Productivity and Profitability

Wisconsin dairy farmers use artificial insemination as a tool to improve safety, productivity and profitability.


What's a Tie-Stall?

Wisconsin dairy farmers provide individualized care.


What's a Freestall?

Wisconsin dairy farmers provide comfortable living conditions for their cows.


Raising Bessie – What Does it Cost?

Just like raising a child, it takes a lot of money to raise a dairy heifer.


How Are You Staying Cool in This Hot Weather?

Dairy cows are extra sensitive to the heat. Learn how Wisconsin dairy farmers keep their cows cool and comfortable.


Babies, Babies Everywhere

Spring means calving season at Saxon Homestead Farm.


The Weather Outside is Frightful

Rosy-Lane Holsteins of Watertown has a cold-weather plan for their baby calves to keep them warm, dry and healthy.


How to Make a Cow Comfortable

To keep cows comfortable, the Hanke family concentrates on air quality, temperature control and resting areas.


Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Care for Their Animals

Nutritious diets, comfortable living conditions and the best medical care are all part of taking good care of animals.


"Happy Cows" Benefit Consumers and Farmers Alike

As new innovations are introduced within the industry, animal comfort and well-being continue to be major considerations of Wisconsin dairy farmers.