Rosy-Lane Holsteins LLC

In testament to their community leadership, Lloyd and Daphne Holterman were named 1994 U.S. Jaycees Outstanding Young Farmer national winners, and Daphne was named 2009 World Dairy Expo Woman of the Year. Daphne is a finalist in the national 2012 USFRA Faces of Farming and Ranching.

These Wisconsin dairy farmers actively participate in community business activities and serve as leaders for agricultural and non-agricultural organizations. They're just as "at home" in the barn as they are the board room.

Rosy-Lane Holsteins partners Jordan Matthews, Tim Strobel, Daphne and Lloyd Holterman.
  • Lloyd Holterman - herd/genetics, business management
  • Daphne Holterman - calves, bookwork
  • Tim Strobel - crops and feeding, nutrient management
  • Jordan Matthews

In 1999, Lloyd and Daphne Holterman formed a limited liability company with a younger, unrelated business partner, Tim Strobel, who grew up next door to the farm. Sandwiched between Milwaukee and Madison, Rosy-Lane Holsteins is always open to visitors with open minds. Holtermans welcome everyone from kindergartners to Girl Scouts to international farm visitors to the UW Chancellor.

"It's important for farmers to show consumers what we do and why we do it. People want to know where their food comes from, and we think they should. Today, people want to connect with the land and they often do that through their food."

The Holtermans, including daughters Lauren and Taylor, explain to visitors the science behind their management decisions and share business principles and factors that impact their farming enterprises. "We hope consumers base decisions—be it food purchases, livestock care and/or environmental regulations—on accurate and science-based information."

Daphne, Lauren, Lloyd and Taylor Holterman


Living and working on the farm every day, including holidays and weekends, Holtermans also show visitors how they care for their animals. From the spotless calf barn to the new cross-ventilated "air conditioned" cow barn, their passion for animal well-being rings loud and clear. "If our calves and cows are happy, then we're happy. We rely on each other. This dairy business supports our family and many others."

Another key ingredient to the success at Rosy-Lane Holsteins is closely monitoring business activities and animal health data. Everything is tracked on computers, from the number of steps each cow takes a day to when she got her hooves trimmed. The Holtermans also get monthly financial reports, including monthly balance sheets, profit and loss statements, inventories and loan balances, which they review and scrutinize very closely.

"Rosy-Lane Holsteins LLC's mission is to care for our animals by balancing production and profitability, while protecting natural resources (air, land and water) and providing a comfortable living for our family and employees. Specifically, we provide superior Holstein genetics to worldwide markets; utilize and experiment with profitable and environmentally sound technologies for plants and animals; maintain an economically viable business unit with future potential; and produce high-quality milk and receive maximum returns with minimal inputs."


Rosy Lane Holsteins on Wisconsin Dairy News

World Dairy Expo honored one of Wisconsin’s elite farm women. We'll introduce you to Daphne Holterman, the 2009 World Dairy Expo Dairy Woman of the Year.

Wisconsin Dairy News, produced by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc. 2009