Cozy Nook Farm

Cozy Nook Farm offers educational tours, fall produce, and holiday trees, wreaths and swags.
For the Oberhaus family (Joan, Tom, Charlie), farming in such a densely populated area allows them the chance to educate neighbors about modern farming.


Farming in a fairly populated area in southeastern Wisconsin, Tom and Joan Oberhaus, co-owners, managers, and operators of Cozy Nook Farm, explain to visitors the full life cycle of a cow and the value of dairy farms to communities and the state.

The Oberhaus family takes great pride in making use of today’s technologies, even though they are only a single-family dairy operation. These technologies keep their cows happy and healthy and producing quality, high-solids milk with high protein content. This milk gives Wisconsin cheesemakers the best possible milk to create award-winning cheese.

Every day, the Oberhaus' work toward making the best use of their valuable land, water and air resources so the environment will be clean and productive for future generations of their family and cattle. "We love our cows; they are part of our family. Thus, we take great strides to keep them healthy and happy."

"Farming in the Burbs" provides the Oberhaus family with unique and gratifying opportunities to help spread the amazing story of agriculture today. In particular, they share their farm and cattle with several wonderful young people with non-farming backgrounds. These youth exhibit cattle at county, state and national shows, and community events. Through these experiences, they learn to respect hard work and the use of science to keep cows healthy and happy. Tom and Joan admire these bright and enthusiastic youth and are optimistic about future generations.

"When people visit our farm, they learn that Wisconsin is a naturally great place for cows. The weather is usually cool, which cows enjoy. And most years, we get plenty of natural water from the sky to grow enough nutritious feed to keep the cows happy and healthy."

"God put cows on earth to eat weird things that you and I cannot or do not want to eat. Cows have four stomachs, allowing them to turn odd feeds into wholesome milk. Nutritious dairy foods provide us with essential vitamins and minerals, and taste great, as well."

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Cozy Nook Pronto Twylight, 2012 Cow of the Year



Special Announcement - September 13, 2012: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Secretary Ben Brancel announced that Cozy Nook Pronto Twylight, a Brown Swiss bred and owned by Tom and Joan Oberhaus, was recognized as "2012 Cow of the Year." This award clearly reflects Oberhaus' commitment to the breed as well as to the success of the Wisconsin dairy industry. Read the full press release about this recognition.