UW-Discovery Farms Program

Widespread cooperation and collaboration help create environmentally and financially sound recommendations.


UW-Discovery Farms Implement Environmental Management Practices

Three Wisconsin dairy farmers discuss their environmental challenges and the science-based solutions developed on their farms through the UW-Discovery Farms program.


Breneman Farms, Inc.—Managing Intensive Grazing to Protect Soils and Nutrients

The UW-Discovery Farms program worked with a grass-based, management intensive grazing system to better understand water quality and nutrient and sediment losses from a dairy farm that pastures cattle year round.


Koepke Farms—Minimizing Nutrient Loss to Protect Resources

The UW-Discovery Farms program analyzed how a no-till cropping system with tile drainage impacts sediment loss and water quality.


Heisner Family Dairy—Using Science-based Practices to Protect Soil and Water

The UW-Discovery Farms program gains a better understanding of environmental challenges and opportunities for organic and grass-based dairies in southwest Wisconsin's driftless region.


Saxon Homestead Farm—Can intensive grazing help reduce sediment loss?

The UW-Discovery Farms program worked with Saxon Homestead Farm to better understand water quality issues on a rotational grazing farm.


Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy—Measuring the environmental impact of a large farming system

The UW-Discovery Farms program worked with Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy to better understand how management practices can be used to minimize nutrient and sediment losses on the farm.


Soaring Eagle Dairy—Monitoring surface water and nutrient and soil sediment loss

An environmental study done at Soaring Eagle Dairy has helped identify the importance of tile drainage systems and their role on dairy farms.